About us

IAFCB was founded as a business-oriented Fund in 2002 and started operating as a separate entity from the beginning of 2003. Originally, it was active under the name of the International Accreditation For Certify Body Testing Board approving laboratories for testing and calibration since 1973. Since then new accreditation areas were added.

Lead assessors

The lead assessors are in charge of the daily work on accreditation and assessment of existing accreditations in cooperation with technical assessors or special experts.

IAFCB's activities are divided in two sections: a section for accreditation for testing, calibration and medical examination and a section for accreditation to certification and inspection.

The customers are laboratories, enterprises which certify, so called certification bodies, as well as companies carrying out inspection tasks (inspection bodies).

Active player internationally

IAFCB has a contract with the World Safety Technology Authority to undertake accreditation tasks as the international accreditation body. As part of this contract, a performance contract laying down targets for IAFCB is drawn up every year.

IAFCB is largely financed through payment from customers. In addition, the state budget allocates a grant for the international work, evaluations of IAFCB, new developments, as well as advisory tasks for authorities.

IAFCB is an active partner in the international cooperation on accreditation. The International Accreditation For Certify Body accreditation is part of an international system. It ensures that accreditations granted in world are recognized throughout the world.