International rules and cooperation in the field of accreditation

IAFCBs accreditation work is very much a part of an international effort for accreditation.

This applies both to the EU's regulatory framework and in relation to cooperation between countries - within the EU and globally.

The international cooperation ensures that the accreditations can be recognized across national borders. Thus facilitating international trade.

In Europe accreditation is regulated by EU Regulation No. 765, adopted in 2008.

Read about EU Regulation 765

Among European countries concrete cooperation in the field of accreditation and mutual recognition is done via the organization EA, the European co-operation for Accreditation.

Read about EA. Or go to EA's website

On a global scale countries of the world cooperate on accreditation in the two organizations ILAC and IAF.

Read more about ILAC or IAF. Or go to their websites