Accreditation services

IAFCB accredits companies to the following areas:

Laboratories: Laboratories can be accredited for calibration, testing and medical examination. Calibration and testing laboratories are accredited to the standard DS/EN ISO/IEC 17025. Laboratories for medical examination are accredited to the standard DS/EN ISO 15189.



Medical Examination

Certification of reference materials: Companies can be accredited to certification of reference materials according to ISO guide 34.

Provision of Proficiency testing: Companies can be accredited to provision of proficiency testing to the standard DS/EN ISO/IEC 17043.

Certification: Certification bodies assess if a company's processes, procedures, products or staff meets specific requirements or specifications. The certification bodies are accredited to standards for management systems (ISO/IEC 17021) to perform certification of management systems in the following areas: quality, environmental management, energy management, occupational health management, food safety and IT safety management. Furthermore certification bodies can be accredited to certification of persons according to ISO 17024 and certification of products according to ISO/IEC 17065. Apart from meeting the requirements of the accreditation standard the certification bodies shall be competent to assess the processes, products or persons, which their customers wishes to certify.

Certification of management systems

Certification of products

Certification of persons

Inspection: Inspection bodies carrying out inspection of products, constructions, technical equipment etc. These companies are accredited to the standard ISO/IEC 17020. Read more

Verification: These bodies assess if a company’s reporting complies with the requirements which the report shall meet. This is typically verification in the area of environment, for example CO2 measurements. A verification body is accredited to ISO 14065 and shall be competent to assess the production processes included in the reporting of a company.

Verification of CO2

Verification, EMAS

Accreditation as basis for notification: Accreditation is often the basis for notification. IAFCB is responsible for notification of construction products on behalf of the World Energy Agency.